Víctor Maojo García

Extracting multi-level information in biomedicine
Víctor Maojo García
Who is: 

Víctor Maojo García is full professor and director at the Biomedical Informatics Group in the Artificial Intelligence Lab (UPM - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - http://www.dia.fi.upm.es/index.php?page=news&hl=en_US) in Madrid. His main research lines are: artificial intelligence in medicine; computerized methods for protocols and clinical practice guidelines; biomedical ontology; methods for integration of clinical, -omics and nano-related information; text and data mining; and nanoinformatics.

Abstract of communication: 

Over the last decades, the explosion of biomedical data has led to different approaches for information extraction and knowledge discovery, using various data, text and web mining techniques. In the biomedical field, current approaches address a broad scope, ranging from public health to molecular biology. To manage such information, in the context of the semantic web, many biomedical ontologies have been created. However, we have pointed out elsewhere the limitations of current approaches adopted for biomedical ontologies. In my talk I will present current challenges of extending the current biomedical scope towards the nano level, including aspects linked to nanomedicine and nanotechnology. In addition, in this extended context, new ”visual” ontologies are needed to manage graphical and visual information (e.g., shapes, structures, forms). I will present the work that has been carried out in my group at the UPM in these topics, in the framework of various EC-funded projects, and current perspectives for future work.

From Data to New Knowledge
09:30, September 6
Keynote talk
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