Stefan Decker

From Linked Data To Networked Knowledge
Stefan Decker
Who is: 

Prof. Stefan Decker is professor at the National University of Ireland, Galway, director of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI -; and Cluster Leader of the Semantic Web Cluster within the institute. His research activities include semantics for access to information and documents, collaborative systems, the future Internet, Web 2.0, and distributed systems.

Abstract of communication: 

The Web has significantly changed society and is currently evolving into a global distributed database and knowledge base. This network of knowledge is now emerging globally in many areas: Government Data, Media, Businesses, as well as sciences among many others. The challenge of the Future will be to turn this data into knowledge and use it systematic and human-centric access to knowledge and solving today’s problems – on individual, organisational and global levels, to develop new solutions and enable innovation. I will present the current state and show several research results which exemplify the new possibilities in search, document retrieval, collaboration and sensor networks.

From Data to New Knowledge
15:30, September 6
Keynote talk
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