Marise Bafleur

Energy Harvesting For Batteryless Unattended Sensors
Marise Bafleur
Who is: 

Dr. Marise Bafleur is research director at the French National Research Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) where she is in charge of the Power Management System Integration group of the CNRS Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS).

Abstract of communication: 

In a lot of applications, networks of distributed unattended sensors cannot rely on batteries for powering the various functions of the nodes, either because of harsh environment (temperature), environmental concerns, or economical considerations. The authors will develop these points taking advantage of their expertise in aeronautics and space applications. They will also present their work in progress in the area of in-building deployment of wireless sensors.

Green ICT, towards Zero Power ICT
13:45, September 5
Short talk
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