Dirk Pesch

Energy Aware Communication Framework For Wireless Sensor Networks
Dirk Pesch
Who is: 

Dr. Dirk Pesch is head of Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems Research at Cork Institute of Technology.

Abstract of communication: 

IEEE802.15.4 wireless sensor networks are increasingly used in building energy management. Due to the wireless nature of these networks, protocols need to be energy efficient, energy harvesting, and self-organizing. The IEEE802.15.4 standard does not provide any functions to allow adaptation of protocol parameters for optimal power efficiency. We present an energy aware communication framework for IEEE802.15.4 wireless sensor networks comprising of algorithms that self-configure protocol parameters during run-time for minimum power consumption while fulfilling building monitoring and control application requirements.

Green ICT, towards Zero Power ICT
13:30, September 5
Short talk
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